Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic tests are essential to helping your doctor diagnose and treat your condition or injury. Here you will find information on common diagnostic tests and how to prepare for them.

Common Diagnostic Tests

Follow these links to find more information on common diagnostic tests that you may be asked to do. Take control of your care process by informing yourself about your diagnostic test.

  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • X-Rays
  • EMG

Be well prepared!

The quality of the results of your diagnostic tests depends on how well you prepare! Diagnostic tests are key to helping our physicians give you the best possible treatment.

Contact us as soon as your diagnostic appointment is made

Make an appointment with our office as soon as your diagnostic appointment has been scheduled. This will allow Dr. Porter to follow-up with you on the results without delay.

Bring the results with you

Make sure you bring any results for tests previously performed, including X-Rays, MRIs, EMGs etc., to your appointment with Dr. Porter. Don't forget them at home! For X-Rays and MRIs, bring the films with you yourself, instead of allowing the imaging facility to deliver them. Note that Dr. Porter will discuss all testing results during your office visit and not over the telephone.